Florida Theme Parks

Florida theme parks are a wonderful way to spend a family vacation if all you want to do is eat too much, go on some awesome rides and have one commercial character idea after another pounded into your head everywhere you go, but like I said, you’re in for some really great rides.

Honestly, except for the giant and constant supply of big rides, the average Florida theme park trip is really expensive, really loud and bustling and really tiring when all is said and done. I went on a big Florida theme park vacation with my wife, her sister and our toddler son. I’m so glad that my wife’s sister came along because Ian just couldn’t handle the theme park for very long periods of time.

We were able to take turns going out and watching Ian so that everyone had a good time and go to see a little bit of everything, and Ian got to relax and spend time with his family. At small state fairs it can be much nicer because the attractions can be taken in in daily doses. You can get a hotel room or camp site and visit the fair each day as the members of your group so desire.

With the huge Florida theme parks there is little choice when it comes to expensive hotel accommodations. Along with the screaming fast roller coasters and the latest rides of all kinds comes the increased expense as well. Even a bottle of water is going to cost more at a huge Florida theme park than the friendly state fair.

And while many people, myself included, are excited by new and fast rides, the rides of smaller fairs should not be overlooked. There are some very unique and exciting rides at small city fairs, but most likely, at the larger state fairs, there are rides as exciting as anything at a huge Florida theme park.

It really comes down to the type of experience you want to have. If you’re a fast paced person that wants a fast paced experience then perhaps you’d enjoy a big theme park better than a smaller fair. For those of us that enjoy the outdoors and a relaxed pace, there’s nothing like the sights and sounds of a state fair.