The Benefits of Sunless Tanning

So you want the look of sun kissed skin or a nice bronze glow? Before you go running out to the tanning salon why not reconsider and opt for sunless tanning? A deep tan may look great on your skin now, but sun exposure (real or fake) is one of the biggest factors in aging skin prematurely.

One of the best things you can do for your skin, whether you’re more concerned about slowing the appearance of aging or the overall health of your skin is to use a sunless tanning product rather than expose your skin to dangerous UV rays.

There are a number of sunless tanning products on the market today, from lotions and sprays you can apply yourself to professionally applied sunless tanning treatments at many salons and spas.

Many sunless tanning products contain questionable ingredients that really have not been around long enough to know what exactly their effects will be. On the other hand, good old DHA has been used as a sunless tanning ingredient for years and may be the safest option.

DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, is the active ingredient in many sunless tanning products today. It has been in widespread use since the 1960s. It surely seems like if it did anything bad we would have found some evidence of its dangers by now.

So is there a safe and effective alternative to DHA sunless tans today? Erythrulose shows promise, but its similarities to DHA don’t make it a true alternative, except for those allergic to DHA.

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