Vacation Package Deals: Avoiding the Trip Trap

Ever see that special offer in the paper that looked too good to be true? Ever see that dream holiday advertised as a price you could not believe? Ever take this dream holiday only to find out that it was a nightmare? If this has happened to you then you are certainly not alone. Every year millions of consumers are taken in by misleading adverts. Some travelers report a wide range of complaints. Some are inadequate facilities while others are completely bilked out of their money. In this article we will look at ways to avoid being taken in by travel agencies and avoiding the trip trap.

The next you time you look through the travel section of your newspaper or see an add online, look at the adds that stand out among the others. If you see some that are prices way below what the others are offering then you should beware. The old adage of, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is has never been more true.  Before you whip out the credit card and book that cheap holiday of your dreams, scour the ad for any small print. Get your magnifying glass out of you need to. Chances are, anything they want to hide will be in there.

Travel companies are obliged to put terms in conditions in their ads. However, they may use vague and misleading language. If anything seems unclear to you, call the company directly and have it explained. Make sure you get the name of the person you speak to and note the time that you called. If possible, get a reference number. If anything later comes into question then you have evidence documented in your favor.

Finally, make sure you understand what the price in the add covers and what it doesn’t. Make sure you have hidden charges and extras explained. Again, when talking to the company representative, get names and numbers.

Many companies offer special deals that are priced well under the rest. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the ad is a scam but they do deserve a second look. Check any small print and get everything explained to your satisfaction. Better to say no now then be disappointed later.