Yosemite and How to Get There

Heard about Yosemite? You probably know that Yosemite is one of the most worth visiting places in the whole continent of America. It has been the object of respect and admiration for a number of years, so it’s no surprise that thousands of people from all over the United States and the world visit the place annually.

Yosemite was first inhabited by the Native Americans known by the name “Ahwahneechee”. It was declared as a National Park in the year 1890 through the efforts of John Muir, one of the earliest modern preservationists. From then on, travelers from all over the world come and explore the area for the great natural wonders it provides, including the tallest mountains with meadows, waterfalls, wildflowers, vistas at Glacier Point, and the historical communities that surround the region.


Now, do you want to see the place in person? If so, then I bet you’ll be interested to know how you can get there.

Getting to Yosemite is actually so easy. Almost all major modes of transportation are available. There are airports, tour buses and public transportation ready to serve passengers from anywhere on earth. But perhaps the best way to reach Yosemite is by car as the drive would only take about three hours and a half. Once you’re there, you get around by hiking. Yes, that’s the best way to explore the Yosemite region, especially the park. So if you are planning to visit Yosemite perhaps this coming Christmas vacation, be ready to hike.

However, for those who are not really athletic, you can get to Yosemite by taking the route to the Valley Floor-Yosemite Village Loop Trail, which is located just about two miles from the national park. Taking this route often delights travelers simply for one main reason – this valley offers the breathtaking views of the most stunning falls of the region, as well as the Royal Arches and the notable Half Dome.

Yosemite can also be reached trough another well-known trail, the Sentinel Dome Trail. This area is situated 1.2 mile hike from the national park, and what makes this trail worth trekking is that it offers views of the Half Dome, El Captain, and the towering falls of the region. And, if you find yourself a bit more ambitious, you have the chance to take the Half Dome Trail, which is actually an 8.2 miles hike from the national park. What’s exciting about taking this trail is that you’ll encounter strenuous climbs while on the road. This climb will get you exactly to the zenith of the park. You also have another choice, that is, to take the Yosemite Falls Loop Trail, which is a 7.8-mile hike combined with climbs, taking you to the Upper Yosemite Fall.

Well, if you are new to the place, there’s no other better way of reaching and exploring Yosemite than to ask help from the available guides servicing the area. They will surely help you enjoy your trek.