Ana Hotel in Tokyo

Among the lodging places in Japan that seeks to make contributions in safeguarding the global environment, Ana Hotel in Tokyo introduced the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) in 2002. The innovation controls the trapping of air where in return, manages the temperature of the room in the entire building. With that, lesser important power is consumed which has enabled to dramatically reduce the emission of carbon dioxide.

With the application of Building Energy Management System (BEMS), Ana Hotel in Tokyo was awarded a year after the launch of the method by the Director of the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry as the superior saving enterprise in 2003. One of the results was the treatment of leftover water in the kitchen and pool that underwent a biological process in order to be used for the toilets. Another is the humidity shield film that was stuck to the windows of every suite for the betterment of air- conditioning functionality.

Ana Hotel in Tokyo also looked into the empty bottles of soap and shampoo in the sleeping units to trim down the heap of garbage. When you go to this lodging place, you will discover that the products fall under the natural “La Tiedeur” category. Supply of energy in every quarter is automatically switched off upon check- out and turned on again until the next individual enters to spend a night or two.

Employees in Ana Hotel in Tokyo are also lectured so every person working in the company is aware of the proficient approach. For example, in the bath rooms restricted only to the staff, jet towels are presented. Papers are recycled to be made as business cards and calling cards as well as for office automation machine. The firm though admits that they still have a lot of things to polish such as the application of soybean ink in printing pamphlets and brochures.

Aside from the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) initiated by the company, Ana Hotel in Tokyo also takes pride in their exclusive restaurants namely Cascade Cafe, Atrium Lounge, Da Vinci Bar, The Champagne Bar, Unkai, Karin, Charcoal Grill Aburi, Italo Provence Dining, Teppanyaki Akasaka and Sushi Kenzan, among the others.

Cascade Cafe will get yourself acquainted with the varied styles of gourmet be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. At night, there is a buffet that offers a wide range of menus.

Sushi Kenzan will tell you what feasting in the land of rising sun is all about. Your palate will be satisfied with traditional and seasonal temptations in Japan.